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IPC™ Pump Controllers

IPC™ Pump Controller

Stewart & Stevenson’s Intelligent Pump Control System (IPC-PC) is capable of monitoring and controlling of up to 24 fracturing pumps at a single operator workstation, giving you precise, remote control over an entire frac spread. The IPC System allows users to control various functions of the equipment through a touch screen interface. Status lights are used to notify the operator of alarms when a problem exists with the engine, transmission, or the pump. Functions, such as start/shutdown of the engine, increasing/decreasing throttle and gear selection, can be controlled via the touchscreen pump control interface.

The IPC is a microprocessor-based system with a Touchscreen operator interface that can be stored in a weather tight suitcase or counter-mounted inside a Control Center. The display is a touch sensitive 8.5'' X 6.25'' graphical display. IPC simplifies operations by reducing the amount of electronic components required to control the various functions of fracturing equipment.

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